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Our Individual Members

Thank you to our members, who are helping us to grow a healthier, more livable Sacramento region by building the best regional urban forest in the nation.

Valley Oak Members ($1,000)

Della Gilleran and Gerry McIntyre 

Dorothy Cousins

Ann Kohl

William Ishmael and David Gibson 

Melissa Williams 

Jeff and Theresa Townsend 

Colleen Cadwallader 

Tom Rotelli 

Autumn Gold Gingko Members ($500)

Patricia & David Schwartz

Silvana Volpe & John Warren

Mary Jo & Jim Streng 

Jacob & Beth Appelsmith

Charles Metzinger

Claudia Kirkpatrick

 Ray & Judy Tretheway 

Jan Schori

Ted Howe & Alexandra Hewitt

Judsun & Kimarie Riggs

Linda & Allen Luger 

Chinese Pistache Member ($250)

Linda Hite

Lee Garrison & Linda Budge

David K. Baker

Nathan Schumacher

Sue Mortensen & Roger Lieberman

Allan & Norma Lammers

Robert Frickey

Randy & Patricia Getz

Pam Bone

Worth & Janet Summers

Martin Helmke & Joan Frye

Peggy & Bruce Kennedy 

Wendy, Joe & Kenneth Bogdan 

Gregory & Mary Mignano

Helen O'Mara & Tom Harrington

Brian Van Camp & Diane Miller

Roger & Marjorie Dickinson 

We would also like to thank our members at the Forest, Tree and Seedling levels!

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