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Summer Leaf Drop

July 17, 2014

Is your tree losing leaves?

Brown Leaf Picture 

In the fall and winter, deciduous trees drop their leaves and are dormant through the cold months. But, if your tree is losing its leaves during the summertime, it’s likely a sign of stress. 

Sacramento’s hot, dry weather can put a serious strain on our city’s shade trees. Trees cope with this stress by dropping some leaves in an effort to use less water and nutrients. Mature trees that usually get regular irrigation can lose some of their leaves due to sudden watering restrictions imposed during drought. But, an occasional deep soak should get them through the summer and they should recover just fine. Learn more about how to water your mature tree.

Young trees are extra sensitive to heat stress and may not survive summer leaf drop. Check your tree and the soil regularly and be sure to properly water your young trees during dry weather!

If you think your tree is suffering from more than heat stress, consult a Certified Arborist. And to learn more about caring for your trees all year long, visit our Tree Care page.