We will reach our 5 million tree goal with your help. Volunteer with us to plant and care for trees where you live, work, and play.

Urban Ecology Intern

The Urban Ecology Intern works within the Urban Ecology Department performing activities related to the planting, maintenance, and monitoring of the urban forest. The Intern may work with other departments on similar projects/programs.

The Intern works closely with staff and volunteers to implement and steward projects related to the establishment of plant materials at land enhancement sites, parks, schools, public open spaces, and neighborhoods throughout the Sacramento region.

Duration of internship

3-4 months

Number of hours/week

Weekly time commitment of between 8 and 24 hours. Saturday availability strongly desired.

Approximate start date

September/October 2017


Primary Duties

Field Duties

  • Perform planting and care activities such as mulching, pruning, and watering.
  • Execute weed abatement and vegetation control activities using hand tools, mechanical equipment, and herbicides.
  • Assist with the installing, maintaining, and operating irrigation systems.
  • Monitor plant and site conditions using GIS and GPS technologies.
  • Perform other land management duties as assigned.
  • Communicate Tree Foundation messages to community members at planting events while working at planting sites and at community outreach events.

Nursery Duties

  • Help maintain an organized and efficient nursery, plant stock, irrigation systems, and tools and supplies.
  • Help to ensure the field trucks and trailers are clean and safe to drive, including regularly checking fluid levels and tire pressure, ensuring all lights are working, etc.

Office Duties

  • Conduct research, compile information, and share with appropriate staff. 
  • Enter data into Salesforce and other tracking systems.
  • Make phone calls, respond to/draft emails, and facilitate other customer service related activities.

Position Requirements

EDUCATION: Some education in ecology, environmental science, land restoration, landscaping, agriculture, natural resource management, or related field is helpful.

EXPERIENCE: Prior land restoration experience and experience with non-profit organizations is helpful.

SKILLS: Excellent communication skills; must be proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook; ArcGIS skills helpful but not required; Must be able to use iPads and iPhones with applicable applications; Knowledge of native plants, habitat types, wildlife and invasive weeds helpful but not required; Valid Driver’s license ideal but not required.

TEMPERAMENT/SOFT SKILLS: Must have a good sense of humor and an ability to get along with a wide variety of people; Must be flexible and able to adapt to change; Must be comfortable working alone, with a team, and with volunteers; Must be able to lift 70 lbs, walk and work safely on uneven terrain and steep slopes, perform repetitious movements for extended periods of time, and work outside in all weather conditions for extended periods of time; Must be comfortable working in an organization dedicated to protecting natural resources through direct advocacy and community engagement.

Working Conditions

This is a volunteer unpaid internship position and is housed at the Sacramento Tree Foundation office (191 Lathrop Way, Suite D) and nursery (141 Commerce Circle) in Sacramento, CA. 

The Intern will receive

  • Orientation to the Sacramento Tree Foundation. 
  • Training on planting techniques, irrigation planning and maintenance, volunteer management, land enhancement, nursery tasks, and vehicle use. 
  • Hands on, direct experience contributing to the planting, maintenance, and monitoring of the urban forest, managing volunteers (including service organizations and students), learning the various aspects of a non-profit organization, as well as obtaining knowledge and experience in a variety of activities and programs that the Sacramento Tree Foundation supports throughout Sacramento and the surrounding region.
  • Special access to unique open space areas and preserves throughout the Sacramento region. 
  • Certificate of Completion or Letter of Recommendation upon successful completion of the project. 
  • Scholastic internship credits, as desired and approved by your school. 
  • Vehicle mileage reimbursement for project travel up to a specific amount. 
  • Our gratitude and thanks!

To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to volunteer@sactree.com with the subject line "Urban Ecology Internship Application".

For more information, contact our Volunteer Specialist at 916-974-4310 or volunteer@sactree.com. Please include "Urban Ecology Internship" in your subject line.