Does it matter where your wood comes from? We think so. 

What is Urban Wood Rescue?

The Urban Wood Rescue program salvages urban trees that need to be removed due to disease, pests, or safety issues and mills the wood into usable lumber. Instead of sending these trees to the landfill, Urban Wood Rescue gives a second life to urban trees.

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Why Use Urban Wood?

When urban trees are removed and taken to the landfill, it allows them to decompose and release carbon back into the atmosphere where it contributes to climate change. By salvaging and reusing the wood from these trees, it gives the tree a second life and reduces our carbon footprint.

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Using a state-of-the-art electric sawmill and expert operators, the Urban Wood Rescue program provides milling and kiln drying services for lumber.



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Slabs, posts, boards, and planks: Check out our inventory.




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2018 California Arbor Week Celebrations!

Thanks to the passion and gusto of a tree-lover named J. Sterling Morton, Arbor Day was first celebrated in Nebraska on April 10, 1872 by planting an estimated one million trees! Since its inception in the 1800’s, Arbor Day has been celebrated around the nation as a day to plant and care for trees. How does Sacramento celebrate? Let us count the ways...

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Winter Tree Tips

A Growing Partnership

Top 5 Evergreen Trees

Connecting the Dots: Sacramento County NeighborWoods Initiative

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Trees for Neighborhoods

The NeighborWoods Program is your opportunity to grow the forest in your very own neighborhood! This program focuses on building investment in your neighborhood by working toward a greater, greener vision through trees. Work directly with one of our expert Community Foresters to plant the right trees in the right places throughout your neighborhood and maximize the many benefits of trees for your community.

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Capitol Park Tree Tour

Capitol Park

Saturday, April 28 10:00A - 12:00P

Join us for a guided walk with a local expert through Sacramento's most diversely planted park and learn all about the trees and their history. One of the most visited in the region, Capitol Park boasts many State Champion tree specimens noted for their size, age, and beauty. This park is home to a variety of native trees as well as trees from all around the world.

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National Arbor Day Planting

Del Paso Heights

Saturday, April 28 8:45A - 12:00P

This community volunteer day is focused on planting shade trees in partnership with Terkensha Associates, Green Tech, and the Del Paso Heights Growers' Alliance to enhance the urban forest in the community of Del Paso Heights, North Sacramento. All are welcome to attend. Our goal is to plant at least 12 trees and conduct site care. This is a great family event!


Urban Wood Rescue Grand Opening

The Depot Park

Sunday, April 29 1:00P - 4:00P

We love our "City of Trees" but what happens when urban trees are removed for reasons like disease or public safety? The unfortunate answer is oftentimes they are left at the dump to decompose. Instead of treating our trees like trash, Urban Wood Rescue salvages logs from recently removed trees and turns them into usable lumber. This way, our trees can live on in a new form and continue to provide beauty and benefits to our community. Attend our Grand Opening to learn more and for a chance to win a free live edge slab.

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