Create safer, cleaner, and healthier neighborhoods by planting trees in your yard, on your street, and in your parks, and schools.



We compiled a list of the best 80+ trees for our region! Find ideal trees for your space by searching our Shady Eighty tree guide for tree characteristics you’re most interested in!


Around Your Home

Every home and business benefits from trees. Start with shade trees to keep your home cool and save energy in the summer months. Our Sacramento Shade Tree Program offers up to 10 free shade trees to SMUD customers. Review our Shady Eighty: Trees for a Cooler Sacramento region (.pdf), a tree list to help you choose the best tree for your yard.

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In Your Community

Communities come together under a healthy tree canopy. From lower crime rates to higher property values, you can bring the benefits of free trees to the streets, schools, and parks throughout your neighborhood through the Community Shade Tree Program.

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In your Jurisdiction

City and county streets and parks are home to most of our public trees. They are often the signature trees of a community because they are the largest and most frequently seen. We offer the Greenprint toolkit to everyone, from policy makers to tree professionals to home owners, who wants to know more about the planting, care, benefits, costs and value of trees. See the value of the trees in your community by visiting GreenprintMaps.

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Across the Region

The Greenprint initiative is a regional framework designed to build an optimal urban forest in every neighborhood, business district, park, school, and street in our 6-county region. The Greenprint sets the stage for our efforts to plant 5 million new trees in the Sacramento region. Our Greenprint Champions are elected officials from our region's 22 cities and 6 counties that have pledged to develop livable and sustainable communities by building the best urban forests.

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A Cherry Tree Grove for Southside Park

Come this spring, Southside Park in downtown Sacramento will be awash in pink. Thanks to the generous support of donors, and to a partnership between the Sacramento Tree Foundation, the Sakuramento committee, Council Member Steve Hansen, and the City of Sacramento Parks and Recreation Department, 28 young flowering cherry trees were planted on October 28.

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Top 5 Trees for Fall Color

Help Us Plant a Doggie Oasis!

Tree Cheers for the City of Rancho Cordova!

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We will reach our 5 million tree goal with your help. Volunteer with us to plant more trees where you live, work, and play.

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Plant a Tree

Learn the answers to these questions:

  • How wide should I dig the hole when I plant shade trees?
  • How high above the soil level should the top of the root ball be?

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NeighborWoods Planting at Countryside Park

Countryside Park, Rancho Cordova

Saturday, December 2 9:00A - 12:00P

Join us as we bring our NeighborWoods initiative to the Countryside neighborhood of Rancho Cordova. We'll be beautifying the core of the neighborhood by planting 26 brand new shade trees at Countryside park! Lunch will be provided, so come out and lend a hand.

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